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Sept 21st-25th

Hello Everyone!  I hope that you had a great weekend. The weather was sure beautiful!   Here's what's happening this week! 



1. Teams Live lesson at 9am (as soon as Coalbanks Announcements are finished I will open the meeting, you can access it by going into the Teams Calendar for the day):

  • Here we will have 'news about the weekend', and we will review how to hold our pencil correctly by singing the crayon song. 
  • Jolly Phonics: We will learn the letter sound for A and listen to our story and song
  • Students will need to have their Jolly Phonics card page to colour as well as their crayons. 

2. Please access the lesson that was posted on the Kindergarten Microsite for independent work time Splish Splash!  As per the blog post from Sept 10th, students will need to have their rocks and materials prepped for their lesson.  Please make sure to keep these handy so that they can use them throughout the year! 


3. Story Time - Please head to the Kindergarten Microsite to read If Rocks Could Sing

4. Teams Live lesson at 1:15pm -  Students will need their playdoh from their package, and their ten frame that is in a plastic sleeve. We will be introducing the ten frame and playing a little dice roll& make game. 




1. Live lesson at 9am - Students will be reviewing how to hold their pencil and learning how to make 'Frog Jump' letters Frog Jump Letter Song.  We will be using our white boards to review F and E we will print letter in our cut and paste books.  Students will learn letter D and after the lesson will Print letter D in our cut/paste books during independent work time.

2. Independent work time - See the Team Microsite blog for the lesson: 5 Senses Walk and activities

3. Story Time: My Five Senses (link is on the microsite lesson) 

4. Live lesson at 1:15pm - We will learn the Letter sound for T and play a guessing game together



1. Live Lesson at 9am -  Letter Bingo!  Please have your bingo card and your playdoh ready for some fun! 

2. **Parent item pick up! ** There will be items to pick up this week from our school.  I will have the bin out and ready starting at 9:30-11:30pm for those that are able to come to Coalbanks and pick up some materials. 

Have a great week and see you soon!


Mrs. Chinn

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