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Fall Senses Walk

Read: – My Five Senses by Aliki 

*Please note that the audio on this video fades at places.  You will need to adjust accordingly throughout.


Watch this: 


Offline Activity: 

Go outside!  With a parent walk around the block near your home or head into your back/front yard. While you are out, talk about the five senses.  Challenge your children to think of: 

  • 5 things that he/she can see 
  • 4 things that he/she can hear 
  • 3 things that he/she can feel 
  • 2 things that he/she can smell 
  •  1 thing that he/she can taste (Hmmm....that’s a tough one.  Since there will not likely be something outside that is safe to taste, you may want to have a treat in your pocket to share with your child, or even pack a picnic if you'd like) 

While on your walk see if you can collect some leaves from the ground or bushes and trees from your yard.  Try to find different colors and shapes.  Talk about how they are the same and different from each other.  You will need these leaves to make a leaf rubbing.  

Table Work: 

In your drawing books, draw a picture of your 5 Senses Walk.  Try to remember all of the things you saw, heard, felt, smelled and tasted (also a good time to model past tense verbs with your child).  Try your best to label your picture (parents can help scribe).     Using the leaves that you found, you can make a leaf rubbing using the side of your crayon.  Watch this video to learn how:


Note to parents: 

Remember it is perfectly okay for Kindergarten children to use invented spelling.  Help them stretch out the words and print the sounds they hear.  Don’t correct their spelling too much.  The idea is for your child to ENJOY using what they know about letter sounds.  It is not expected that they spell words conventionally in Kindergarten.  Show them that you can read their words even if they are not spelled correctly.  Celebrate their progress so that they want to keep trying.  Too much correction at this stage can be discouraging.  Keep things light and positive! 


Follow Up Activity (Optional): 

Make popcorn with your parent.  While you make popcorn, notice which senses you are using and discuss them with your family.   


What are my five senses? 

How do my senses help me learn? 

How do my senses help me identify opportunities or dangers? 

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