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Week of October 26th

Materials for the Week

We have a busy week with lots of materials. I think most you will already have at home or I have supplied for you.

Monday-Friday- Make a pizza. We are learning this week about where foods come from and what types of foods are made from crops grown on a farm. I thought it would be fun for you to make pizzas as a family. This is optional, as we are making a paper pizza as an assignment on Monday in class. You can make a crust from scratch, buy a crust, use a taco shell or a bun. Top with tomato sauce and toppings and bake in the oven.

Tuesday- For Science students will need an object that floats (plastic lid, Styrofoam, plastic container), a balloon (I supplied and it is taped to the paper), a straw (it can be the straw from last week), and tape.

Wednesday- For Social Studies, students are making a game and playing. They will need a large piece of paper or tape 2 pieces together for the game board. They will need a dice. On Tuesday's plan I linked an online dice if you do not have one.

Thursday- For math students are graphing toys they have. They will need to gather toys to sort and graph. See example on Thursday's plan. For Science students are making a boat and will need cardboard (this can be from a cereal, cracker, delivery box), and the elastic that is taped to the sheet.

Friday- Friday is our costume parade. Any Student wishing to participate will dress up in a costume for our 10:00 Teams meeting. This is an optional event for anyone who wants to join.