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Week of May 3rd

Important Dates and Materials for The Week


Star Wars Day: May the 4th be with you. Students can dress up or bring a Star Wars item they have to share. I have also included on Tuesday plans fun optional Star Wars activities if you choose to complete. They are optional.

Math Mass: Students will be making a hanger balance scale. They will need a hanger, string (can be a shoelace), 2 identical containers, and objects to weigh in the balance scale. See lesson plans for more details.



Hats on for Mental Health: Wear a hat to class.

Mass: Students will need 3 groups of objects to weigh in the balance scale. The sheet shows fruit loops, dominoes, and beans, but you can choose any object your wish. This could be cereal, dry noodles, Lego, etc.

Wednesday May 5th

Wednesday Plans

Wear a hat today for Hats On for Mental Health Day!