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Week of September 1st

Tuesday Sept.1st/ Wednesday Sept. 2nd

Tuesday September 1st (A-M)

Wednesday September 2nd (N-Z)

We have 2 group Teams meetings today. 8:30 and 10:30. They are in bold print below. Log on to teams and join at those times. Check your email for when your individual Teams meeting with me is.

8:30- Teams Morning Meeting

·     We will have an overview of Teams Meetings.

·     Review our schedule for the day and week.

·     What an average day will look like.   

·     Talk about materials and supplies.

·     First Assignment “All About Me”

·     Posting assignments online.

·     Answer Questions.

9:00- Listen to the story Little Spot Learns Online.

Little Spot Learns Online

Time to explore September Reading on my website.

Mrs. Shilliday's Grade 2 September Reading

  • Check email for Epic login code.

9:30- Work on All About me page.

·     All about me instructions and example

10:00- Movement Break/Snack Time

10:30- Teams Math

·       talk about math websites

·       instructions on addition flashcards

11:00- Explore math websites go to September Math under Numeracy

Mrs. Shilliday's Grade 2 September Math

Make flashcards.

·     flashcard instructions and example

12:00- Lunch Break

1:00-3:30- Individual Teams meetings with children and parents. See your email for time.

·       Discuss any concerns

·       Have students read a passage to help with reading group creation.

Thursday September 3rd

Thursday September 3rd 

Today we have 3 Teams Meetings. 8:30, 10:30 and 1:00. They are listed in bold. Log on to teams and join at those times. If you have not had your individual meeting with me check your email for your time.

8:30- Teams Morning Meeting

9:00- Draw a picture and write what you are excited to learn about this year like the rabbit in the story You’re Finally Here.

Listen to the entire story online.

You’re Finally Here

Complete what you are excited for this school year.

Instructions and Example

9:40- Reading time. Go onto Epic and click on favourites. Take some time to read the books and explore other books you might want to read. Epic login was emailed to parents.

September Reading on Website

10:00- Snack and Movement Break

10:30 – Teams Math lesson

·       bring your flashcards for a fun game.

11:00- Make sum flash cards to match the math questions you made. Turn over all cards and play the match game. Match the addition questions to the sum.

instructions and example.

11:40- Go onto online math sites and play addition games.

Addition Games

12:00- Lunch and movement break

1:00 – Teams Science and Social

·       Talk about the Science unit we will start with- Boats and buoyancy

·       Talk about the Social Studies unit we will start with- Mapping


1:30- Make a name tag. colour and decorate it. Remember to bring it with you to our morning meeting tomorrow!


2:30-3:30- Exercise time! Go outside and play! Take time to move! Think about what your favourite way to exercise is and be ready to share at our morning meeting tomorrow!


1:30-3:30- I will be holding one on one Teams meetings at this time. Please see schedule and wait for me to call you on teams.



Friday September 4th

Friday September 4th

We have one Teams meeting today at 8:30. Log on to Teams and Join us!

8:30 Teams Morning Meeting

Bring your name tag.

·       We will share name tags.

·       Share our favourite exercise.

·       Talk about emotions and assignment.

·       Talk about art lesson.


9:00 Health- Emotions

Watch this video on Emotions.

Try to guess the emotions they are feeling.

Inside Out Emotions Video

Draw yourself showing these emotions.

Instructions and example.

9:30 Art- Follow this link to a directed drawing and draw along.

Draw a back to school apple and worms.

Art Hub Back to School Drawing

10:00- Snack and Movement Break


10:30- Time to finish any work from this week.

·       Go to some reading or math sites from Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

·       Take some time to move and exercise.


11:45 – End of week.

Watch the website for next week’s schedule.

Enjoy your weekend!