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Supplies needed for Sept 14th, Sept 16th and Sept 21st

Hello Everyone,

There are some supplies that you will need to prep ahead of time as we head into next two week's of Team lessons.  Please see below:

Sept 14th and 16th


-Food Colouring


Sept 21st

-You will need 26 rocks with a letter of the alphabet (A-Z) written on each one. You could also use seashells, alphabet magnets, foam letters or any sturdy material from your home. Use a permanent marker to print the uppercase letter on one side and lowercase letter on the other side. 

-You will also need 10 rocks. On 5 rocks print the numbers 1-5 and on the other 5 rocks draw the corresponding number of dots for 1-5. Please keep these in a Ziploc bag for future use throughout the year. 



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