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Field trip Friday: Visit a Recycling Center

Recycling Monster

Are you ready to visit a recycling center?


A: Every recycling center looks a little bit different and every city decides what community members are allowed to recycle. 


B: Click the following link to find out what we should be recycling in Lethbridge. You will need an adult to help you read the words.



C: Let's get to work! Look around your house for items that can be recycled. Maybe there is a specific spot in your house where these items are kept? Gather a pile of items on your table. You will probably need about 10-15 items. 

Now think about what the City of Lethbridge wants you to recycle. We are all experts at sorting now so can you sort your items into piles of similar items? Here's a hint: cardboard, hard plastic, bottles and cans, paper, metal and glass. 

Is there anything that needs to be tossed into the garbage? Things like wrapping paper and soft plastic (such as bread bags) can not be recycled because they cause damage to the recycling machines. Glass can be dangerous so it's a good idea to set it aside for now so that it doesn't break.

Great work sorting everything out! Now comes the fun part. Since we do not have machines at home to bail your items we are going to create recycling animals. Reusing items for another purpose is another way to recycle. You may choose to keep your piles of similar materials and make individual animals such as a paper monster and cardboard dinosaur. You might also decide to mix your materials together to make one giant creation! 

We can't wait to see what you create so don't forget to send in a picture or video!



Extension Activities

D: We know about recycling and garbage but, what about compost? 

Here is a game where you can sort compost, recycling and garbage:



E: Check out this video game for sorting objects into the proper recycling containers. It goes a bit fast so you might have to play a few times to get the hang of it. 


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