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Fine Motor Exploration and Measurement

Today we are going to work on our fine motor skills, as well as begin learning about non-standard measurement. 


Watch this video to learn about non-standard measurement!


Measurement Practice:

Materials: Playdough, small items (cars, crayons, blocks)

#1) Roll out your playdough with your hands on a table, like a big snake.

#2) Using an item(s) of your choice, that are the same size/length (a block, crayon, car, etc.) I want you to measure how long the playdough snake is!

#3) Count how many items it took to measure the snake.

  • My snake is _____ crayons long. 

#4) Use a different item (either smaller or bigger than the last) to measure your snake. Did it take the same amount of items than crayons to measure your snake? Or did you need a different amount? why did you use a different amount of items if the snake is the same length?

#5) Make your snake back into a ball. Take some of the playdough away. Before you make this snake, ask your child: Do you think this snake will be longer or shorter than the last snake? Why? 

#6) Make the snake. Measure this snake! 

  • My snake is _____ blocks long.


Send a picture to your teacher of your work! 




Additional Fine Motor Activities (optional):

Toilet paper roll man: With a toilet paper roll, have your child carefully use their scissors to cut the top of the roll to make hair (see link below for a picture). Draw a face on the roll below the hair. 

                toilet paper man


Build a block tower, AS TALL AS YOU CAN!!! 


Playdough & beads: With your playdough, push beads inside - make a design or make them all hide! With your hands, dig out the beads!


Animal Rescue: With a small animal, wrap multiple elastics around it. Have your child save the animal by taking off the elastics. (See link below for a picture example)

                Animal Rescue

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