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Shape and Space!

Watch one or both of the videos below:


Building Activity:

With objects you have at home (lego, blocks, magnetics, etc) I want you to make different shapes (both 2D and 3D). 

After building each shape:

  • Describe what shape you made. 
  • How many faces does it have? 
  • How many edges? 
  • How many corners?

*** Please take pictures and videos and send them to your teacher!! 

If you need a reminder of what these are, watch the video below! 


After building your 2D and 3D shapes with blocks/lego/magnetics, try building shapes with playdough! Can you make 3D shapes? A sphere? Cone? Pyramid? etc.


Body shapes: 

Using your body, I want you to try and make these shapes!! You can use your hands, arms, legs, whole body, and even a sibling or parent!

  • circle
  • triangle
  • diamond
  • sphere
  • square
  • rectangle
  • Can you do any more?!?! 



Shape Drawing:


  • pencil/crayons
  • paper

This activity will be similar to what you did for 'The Dot' activity. I want you to draw one shape in the middle of your page (circle, square, rectangle, heart, diamond, etc). From that shape, I want you to create a picture! It can be anything you choose! Maybe you will draw a robot or an animal! Maybe a playground or a sunset! 



Shape Walk: 

Go on a walk outside and see if you can find any shapes! Are they 2D? 3D? Do you know what shape the sun is? What about the sidewalk? Stop sign? Tires on a car? There are shapes everywhere around us!!! 



Online Game: Magical Shape Hunt

Below I have provided a link to an online game for you to play. 

In this game, you will need to help the mermaid find her jewels in the stream by scooping them out of the water with the net. The jewels look like different shapes, and she only needs certain shapes! Help her scoop all the right shaped jewels out of the stream!! 

                          Game: Magical Shape Hunt





Watch the Storybots video about shapes! 

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