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Sink or Float

Today we will be doing an investigation to see what will sink and what will float! 


-Container or tub of water-your kitchen sink

-A collection of items to test some examples:

feather, cork, apple, tin foil,

penny or other coin, empty soda bottle, soap

pebble, ice cubes, paper cup, salt, egg

or any other miscellaneous items you have in your home that you would like to test out and see if it floats   ie. Wooden blocks, buttons, marbles, screw, sponge, leaves, toy boats and lego people who want to go sailing! 

Use your blue drawing book or a piece of paper to record your results. 

  1. Find things around the house that won’t be damaged by water. Make a list of what you found (students could draw and or write the name of each item.)  Next to each item on the list write whether you think it will float. Make your best guess and record your answer on your page.  Then record what you see after you perform your experiment!

3.  After you've finished have a look at SciShow kids episode "Sink or Float?" 

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