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Expressing my emotions through self -expression

Emotions are tricky work.  Sometimes it may feel Hard to know what we are really feeling.  This is why it may be important to find ways to express ourselves and our different emotions.

Please watch this read aloud book.

After I want you to discuss with an adult the ways that help you best to express how you feel.  For example if you are feeling happy you may use lots of green colour in a painting, if you are angry you may use lots of red color in your painting.  Another example may be through dance.  If you are feeling sad your dance movements might be really slow and droopy.  However, if you are feeling excited, your dance movements may be fast and your arms may be moving wildly.

Please pick a way to express and show emotions.  Then pick 4 emotions that you would like to show.  Take a picture or record your expression of these emotions and send it to your teacher.

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