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Natures crayon: Using nature as our paint brush

Nature's Crayon:

Today we are going to create art masterpieces out of nature.  Watch this video to get some inspiration for all the different things that you can make with the natural world all around you.

Which was your favourite?  Do you have any ideas of things you would like to create yet?

Head outside with your adult and see what kinds of material you can find.  once you think you have enough head back inside to see what you can create.


* you can use what you found to draw (ex. mud, leaves, berries, grass, dandelions)

* you can use what you found to paint on ( rocks, branches)

* you can use what you found to add to your drawing (a leaf for a hat, rocks for eyes)

* You can use what you found as paintbrushes for your paint ( twigs, leaves, dandelions, etc)

* Be creative, this is your project and you get to decide how to make it and most importantly have fun.



- Discuss with your adult what was your favourite part.

- Was it difficult to figure out something to create?

- What part was the trickiest to do?


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