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Chalk Word Play

Now that is getting warm out, it is great that we finally get to go outside and enjoy the nice sunny weather.  

For this activity you will need:

- Sidewalk chalk

- something to pour water out of ex. a watering can (or a paintbrush with a bowl of water)

- some rocks


Find a nice large area where you can begin to draw some letters.  You can draw them however you wish.  I chose to draw mine in flowers.  After you have drawn all 26 letters have someone call out a letter that they want you to wash away.  Take your watering can or paint brush and use the water to wash away the letter.  Keep doing this until all the letters are gone.  Don't forget to take a video of you doing this activity, so you can send it to your teacher to show them all the fun you are having.



Draw some of your favorite letters.  Take some rocks and carefully have them follow the lines of the letter you or an adult wrote.  This is a great activity to practice fine motor skills. 



Make a sight word or phonetic word (ex. cat, dog, etc.) hop scotch.  Throw a paper ball and see where it lands on your hop scotch.  Jump to your paper ball and say the word it landed on.  Finish the hop scotch and then try again from the beginning.  


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