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Bean Sprout Expierment

Time to get planting!  Students will need bean seeds for this experiment.  They can be purchased at a local grocery, hardware store or greenhouse. 


1.  Listen to the story "One Bean" By Anne Rockwell. 

2.  For your experiment you will need:

  • Dampen paper towel with spray bottle.
  • Place wet paper towel in Ziploc Bag.
  • Place bean on top of wet paper towel.
  • Close Ziploc Bag.
  • Place Ziploc Bag in a warm, sunny spot.
  • Add water to paper towel when it dries out.
  • Observe your plant growing in 3-5 days!

3.  You may want to set up a bean experiment in your home!  Try placing them in different windows and one in a dark location. Make a prediction of which one will sprout first! Have fun! 

Have a peek at this video to give you an idea on how to set it up. 


Here's what happens after 4 days: 



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