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10 Black Dots

1. Listen to the story: 10 Black Dots


2. Throughout the story pause and count the number of dots in each picture.

Ask: What could you make with that number of dots?
Play: “What is 1 MORE than___? “ “What is 2 MORE than___? “
“ What is 1 LESS than____?” “What is 2 LESS than____?”
Sparkle words: portholes freight -talk about the concept of HALF

3. For this part of the lesson you will need:

* masking tape *playing cards with the face cards removed
*ITEMS TO PUT IN YOUR TEN FRAMES: stickers, smarties, lego pieces -or other toy items- rocks will also

MAKING and USING TEN FRAMES: We use ten frames in Kindergarten to make and
talk about numbers. It is a good tool for developing number sense. You can even try
some addition and subtraction problems. They help form a basis for understanding
place value in the future (numbers like 12 are a ten and two ones)
You can make a large ten frame using materials you already have in your home. 


Subitize with a Pirate

Working with 10 Frames


Use blank paper to create a picture using dots. You can use crayons, markers,
construction paper shapes, or whatever you decide will look best!
Be sure to Label your picture. Send me a picture of your masterpiece!




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