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Story Time and Activity for Our Class Thursday Sept 10

Welcome to Thursday!

Today we will meet together live at 9am where we will share any 'news' we might have, read the story, 'We Don't Eat our Classmates' and talk about a little craft.  Students will complete the craft from this post during 'Independent Work Time'.

Then again at 1:15pm we will meet for a short time and learn the letter sound of 'S'. We will then end with a little game! 


Create Your Own Dinosaur Craft/Drawing

1. After listening to the story 'We Don't Eat our Classmates' (I have put the link at the bottom for those that weren't able to make the live lesson this AM) we are going to create our own dinosaur drawing!  

Watch this video together with your child and pause frequently at different steps.  (Please know that many students have never picked up a pencil before!  I will be showing them how next week.  I'm hoping to use this as a first look at where their skills are at, so please try not to draw it for them unless you sense major frustration.) 


When your child is finished they can color it if they'd like or even add the letters of their name on the spikes on the dinosaurs back!   Have fun and encourage creativity with your child. 


2.  Snuggle Story: 




'We Don't Eat our Classmates' 


I'm excited to see what the children create!  Please take a digital photo and email it to me.   If your child would like to show their work on Friday's morning meeting, I can set some time for sharing.  No pressure! 


Have a super day & see you soon!

Mrs. Chinn

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