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September 8-11th

Hello Everyone!

I'm so excited to start this week with you. Keep checking this classroom blog, as well as our Team blog for your lessons for the week.  Remember that these are to be completed during 'Independent work time' (the white boxes in your schedule).  Please make sure to refer to our classroom schedule.

(Lessons are posted Monday,Wednesday, Friday's...however this is a strange week being the first one and a holiday Monday.  So expect to see it today.)

By the end of the week please make sure that your child has completed the 'Handwashing' Lesson, as well as the activities that are posted on Friday. Please take a digital photo of your child's work and email them to me before Friday. 


1. Handwashing (see the Kindergarten Microsite https://home.lethsd.ab.ca/kindergarten/kindergarten-team-website )

2. Snuggle Story Links for Today: AMELIA BEDILIA FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL 

See you at our Live Lesson at 9am!  Remember today there is no live lesson in the afternoon as I am helping families with technology support and have some 1 on 1's left. 

Hope you have a great day!

Mrs. Chinn

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