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Sept 15th & 17th

Hello Everyone!  I hope that you had a wonderful weekend.  Here's what's happening this week! 



1. Teams Live lesson at 9am (as soon as Coalbanks Announcements are finished I will open the meeting):

  • Here we will have 'news about the weekend', and we will learn how to hold our pencil correctly by singing the crayon song. 
  • Students will need the little ziplock that has their crayon in it.  If your child does not have their package yet, not to worry! They just need a piece of paper and a crayon (or felt...wax crayon preferred).

2. Please access the lesson that was posted on the Kindergarten Microsite for independent work time Chalk it up!  This lesson is quite extensive and requires lots of prep, so know that this is for independent work time on the 15th and 17th this week for us. 

3. Story Time - Please head to the Kindergarten Microsite to read Chrysanthemum  

4. Live lesson at 1:15pm -  I will be doing a demo of their macaroni craft that they can complete at home! This is the yellow poster board and noodles that was in your kindergarten package.  Students will be working on this for the afternoon!




1. Live lesson at 9am - Students will be reviewing how to hold their pencil and learning how to make 'Frog Jump' letters Frog Jump Letter Song.  We will be using our white boards for printing letter 'F'.   Students will then be printing in their books.

2. Independent work time - Continue with the Chalk it up Lesson and complete the printing 'letter F' in their books. 

3. Story Time: Worrysaurus by Rachel Bright, click here or please see the Kindergarten Microsite for the link !

4. Live lesson at 1:15pm - I will be showing how to hold scissors, and doing a demo.  Students will practice and complete the cutting of the shapes on the 'Letter F' page. 


Have a great week and see you soon!

Mrs. Chinn

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