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Nov 30th - Dec 4th

Welcome to December! Here's what's happening this week:

Tuesday:  It's going to be a crafty day!

1. Teams Live lesson at 9am (as soon as Coalbanks Announcements are finished I will open the meeting, you can access it by going into the Teams Calendar for the day):

  • Here we will have 'news about the week'
  • Students will need their large brown ginger bread paper, and the colored construction paper that is stapled together! 

2. Please access the Measurement Lesson that is posted on the Kindergarten Microsite for independent work time Kindergarten Microsite 

3. Story Time - Please head to the Kindergarten Microsite to read the book 'Do you have a Secret?' which can be found on the Microsite.  Do you have a Secret?


4.  Live lesson at 1:15pm -

  • Wow it's December!  Today we will be making a Snowman countdown chain!  We will need a glue stick, scissors, black, orange & brown construction paper, and the white strips that are stapled together.  These were in their package form last Friday's pick up. 




1. Live lesson at 9am - Students will need their Jolly letter sounds sheet so we can learn letter sound /g/


2.Story Time - Please head to the Kindergarten Microsite to read the book 'The Mitten ' which can be found on the Microsite.  The Mitten

2. Independent work time - See the Team Microsite blog for the The Mitten Retell lesson: Kindergarten Team Microsite

3.  Today's Leaders @11am - 

3. Live lesson at 1:15pm - We will be reading the story, "The Gingerbread Man" together.  Students will be coloring the first page of our characters (farmer, horse, pig etc). 


Friday - It is not our week for a Friday lesson however there will be supply pick up this week outside of the front doors between 8:45am-11:30pm.  


Have a great week and see you soon!

Mrs. Chinn

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