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Nov 16th-20th

Here's what's happening this week:


1. Teams Live lesson at 9am (as soon as Coalbanks Announcements are finished I will open the meeting, you can access it by going into the Teams Calendar for the day):

  • Here we will have 'news about the week'
  • Students will need their white boards, white board marker and their printing cut paste book
  • We will play a game of mystery letter 

2. Please access the Shape Up lesson that is posted on the Kindergarten Microsite for independent work time Kindergarten Microsite 

3. Story Time - Please head to the Kindergarten Microsite to read the book 'When a Dragon Moves in' which can be found on the Microsite.  When a Dragon Moves in

4.  Live lesson at 1:15pm -

  • We will be learning to print letter M and completing M in our cut and paste books during independent work time. 




1. Live lesson at 9am - Students will need their Jolly letter sounds sheet so we can learn letter sound /r/ and /m/

2. Independent work time - See the Team Microsite blog for the Natural and Manufactured Materials lesson: Kindergarten Team Microsite

3. Live lesson at 1:15pm - Students will need their Roll It, Write It, Tally It Show It sheet. We will play a dice game together! 

4. Story Time - Please head to the Kindergarten Microsite to read the book 'Snow Day ' which can be found on the Microsite.  Snow Day

Friday - It is not our week for a Friday lesson however there will be supply pick up this week outside of the front doors between 8:45am-11:30pm.  


Have a great week and see you soon!

Mrs. Chinn

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