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Scenario 3: Move to at-home learning

Lethbridge School Division continues to provide an option for at-home learning for the 2020/2021 school year. 

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May 3rd -7th



1.  Live lesson at 9am:  We will have news, a quick demo of printing our letters in our cut and paste printing duotang. Students will then have time to finish. 

2.  Independent Work Time:   Students will be doing the "Environmental Footprint" lesson found on the Kindergarten Website: https://home.lethsd.ab.ca/kindergarten/kindergarten-team-website

3. Live Lesson at 1:15pm -   Students will need their dinosaur journal scrap book and the remaining dino photocopy pages from the booklet. We will be building the rest of our journal and talking about story telling.  Students will watch an episode of Dino Dan to get thinking about what they want in their story. 


Thursday :

1.  Whole Group Live @9am -  We will start with morning news. We will read a story together and brainstorm ideas for events that we could draw.   Students will need their Dino Journal where we will be using the writing pages to start documenting events with our dinosaurs.  Students will then have time to work on their dino story pages with an adult.  

2. Independent work time:   Students will be doing the "Mother's Day directed drawing" lesson found on the Kindergarten Website: https://home.lethsd.ab.ca/kindergarten/kindergarten-team-website

4. Story Time:  https://home.lethsd.ab.ca/kindergarten/kindergarten-team-website

3. Live Lesson at 1:15pm -  Students will need their Jolly Phonics cards.  We will be learning the sounds for /sh/ and /qu/.   We will also have time to do a check in to see how our dinosaur events are doing.  


Friday: **Changes to today**

 I just wanted to let you know of a few changes that are occurring in the next couple days. As per the government decision to move all students K-6 online the next 2 weeks our division is asking that Friday May 7th is used as a day to transition. Therefore there will be no live lesson this Friday. Please ensure that your child has their dino story ready for sharing on Tuesday of this coming week. We will talk about them for those that wish to share. We will also be having our supply pick up on Monday May 10th (instead of Friday May 7th). So please plan to stop by the front of the school on Monday May 10th between 8:30-3:15. This will be a large pick up for the month of May!! Thank you so much for your support. 

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