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May 31st-June 4th

Hello All!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend the weather sure was beautiful.  Here's what's happening this week:


** please note, students are not required this week to complete the 'independent lesson' on the butterfly life cycle as we will be incorporating that into class in the coming weeks.  

**please note there is a lesson time change on Thursday AM as we will be having a guest speaker.  Dr. Waldie from visual effects will be coming on Teams to answer any questions we may have about the eye doctor!  Class will begin at 9:30, with Dr. Waldie joining us at 10am. 


1.  Live lesson at 9am:  Students will need their Jolly Phonics letter cards and crayons.  We will be  starting with news, reviewing our sounds and learning two letter sounds together!  

2. Live Lesson at 1:15pm: Students will need their blue drawing books.  We will be using our boom cards to sound out some basic words and add them into our books together. 


Thursday:  **please note the AM time change for our meeting.  Students will need to join our lesson meeting at 9:30 in the calendar, exit that meeting and then join another at 10am.  Sorry for the inconvenience, however I think that's the only way to make it work as we won't be the only kinder class! 

1.  Live lesson at 9:30am:  We will start with news.  We will learning about how to take care of our eyes and have a visit with the eye doctor! Students will need to think of some questions they might want to ask our guest speaker, Dr. Waldie. 

2. Live Lesson at 1:15pm -   Students will need their insect package that you picked up from the bin last Friday or Monday depending.  We will be learning the parts of an insect. We will watch a little video together and label the parts together. 

3. Friday:  This is our Friday for instruction!  We will be continuing to learn about the parts of an insect and building our playdoh bugs!  Students will need to have their playdoh package, scissors and a paper plate or surface to carry their bug on (cardboard will work too). 

Have a great week,



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