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June 21st-25th

It's so hard to believe we are in the last week of school.  I'm so grateful I have had to the chance to navigate what online kinder is like with your child. I have adored them all, and will miss them dearly!  Thank you for your support, patience and wonderful opportunity to teach your child.    

For our last "bin pick up" I have a small gift for each of my students.  Please fill out this form that was emailed out on Monday. Please note that our last "Live Lesson" will be Tuesday PM

Here's what's happening this week:

Tuesday:  Students will need their bug booklets, and yellow coil books.  We will be making a butterfly observation in our journals, and talking about rhyming words.  For the afternoon it will be "bring an insect in a jar to class day". Students will need to have an insect that they caught so they can draw and label it!  If they don't have one, that's ok!  I will have a few to show and share. Tuesday will be our last Live lesson. 

Thursday - No live lessons.  I will be making outside home visits to those that sign up.  For those that would like to pick up at the school, the bin will be out today from 9am-11pm, as well as Friday from 9-11.

Have a great week,


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