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June 14th - 18th

Hello everyone!  Hard to believe we are in our last two weeks!   This week Tuesday looks a bit different as there are no live sessions (see below for instructions) as I am away at a tech conference taking sessions.  



 No Live sessions today as I am away.  Students are to complete the following activities today. 


1. Symmetrical Smudge Butterfly - Students will need their large poster board that has a butterfly drawing on it and their paint package.  Students will be painting a symmetrical butterfly. Encourage the students to try mixing colours to see what they get! What happens if you add a bit of white, black etc.

First fold the poster in half.  Students will then decide what colors they want their butterfly to be.  If they are wanting pinks and purples or something other than primary colors, they will need to mix them.  Place the paint on 1 side of the butterfly.  Then fold the paper over top so that it smudges.  Have a look at this video so you have an idea:


Once your butterfly is dry, students can cut it out. Have fun! I'm excited to see them on Thursday!


2.  Have a look at their caterpillars.  How have they changed?  Record a drawing in your yellow science notebooks of what today's caterpillar looks like.   


Have a great day!  See you Thursday. 




1. Whole Class Live @9am:  We will start with news. Students will need their yellow butterfly book, their bug booklet and a pencil!  We will be making lots of observations in our book together and checking in on the status of our butterflies. 


2. Whole Class Live @ 1:15pm: Students will need their little ziplock bag that has a butterfly plastic body, coffee filter wings and some felt markers.   We will be decorating and building our butterflies together. 




1. Whole Class Live @9am:  Today we will be talking about building a habitat for our butterfly and creating our own bug drawing! Students will need their bug booklet. 


Have a great week! 




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