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Jan 25th - 29th

Here's what is happening this week! 

1.  Live Lesson at 9am - We will be talking about rhyming words.   We will be reading the story "The Sneezy Snowman" together by focusing on the rhyming words.  

2. Reminder for those with Speech lessons: Isabella, Aderyn/Kai, Chris (please check your teams calendar invites for times).

3. Independent work time:   Students will be doing the Let's Do a Retell Together! lesson found on the Kindergarten Website: https://home.lethsd.ab.ca/kindergarten/kindergarten-team-website

4. Story Time:  The Three Little Pigshttps://home.lethsd.ab.ca/kindergarten/kindergarten-team-website

3. Live Lesson at 1:15pm -   We will be reviewing rhyming words from the morning. Students this afternoon will need to tell about or bring two things that rhyme to show their friends. 




1.  Live lesson at 9am: Students will need their printing books (orange ones) and a pencil.  We will be reviewing our frog jump letters and "showing what we know" by playing mystery letter together.

2.  Independent Work Time:  Please access the lesson Winter Wonderland  on our website https://home.lethsd.ab.ca/kindergarten/kindergarten-team-website

3.  Story Time:  https://home.lethsd.ab.ca/kindergarten/kindergarten-team-website

4. Live Lesson at 1:15 - Students this afternoon will be creating a 'melted snowman' from our story on Tuesday. They will need the following items for their craft:

1. 1 piece of white paper

2. a colored piece of construction paper to glue their snowman on

3. various colors of construction paper (smaller pieces are fine)

4. Scissors, glue stick, 


Friday - This Friday is a PD day so there is no instruction.  I will have the bin outside between 8:45-11:30.  I will also have it our on Monday February 1 between 8:45-3:15.  


Have a great week,

Mrs. Chinn

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