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Jan 18th-22nd

Here's what is happening this week! 

1.  Live Lesson at 9am - Students will be reviewing our last letter letter sound /ai/ and learning /oa/ They will need their Jolly Phonics Cards with them. 

2. Reminder for those with Speech lessons: Isabella, Aderyn/Kai, Chris (please check your teams calendar invites for times).


3. Independent work time:   Students will be doing the Let's Talk Questions lesson found on the Kindergarten Website: https://home.lethsd.ab.ca/kindergarten/kindergarten-team-website

4. Story Time:  We're Going on a Bear Hunthttps://home.lethsd.ab.ca/kindergarten/kindergarten-team-website

3. Live Lesson at 1:15pm -   We will be learning about Animal Tracks.  Students will need their Animal Track sheet that was in their pick up package this past Friday. 




1.  Live lesson at 9am:  We will be learning about Hibernation.  We will read Bear Snores On Together, and learn from 'Mystery Doug' all about hibernations


2.  Independent Work Time:  Please access the lesson   on our website https://home.lethsd.ab.ca/kindergarten/kindergarten-team-website

3.  Story Time:   https://home.lethsd.ab.ca/kindergarten/kindergarten-team-website

4. Live Lesson at 1:15 - This afternoon we will create our very own Bear Cave!  Students will need the green cardstock page, brown paper bag, and bear and tree coloring page.   Students will need a glue stick, scotch tape or a stapler if they have one! 


Friday - This is not our Friday for classes. Have a great weekend!

Have a great week,

Mrs. Chinn


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