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Feb 8th-12th

Welcome back!  I hope you all had a wonderful week. Hopefully the students have had a wonderful weekend 'catching kindness' in their homes! We will start each day this week talking about this with peers.  Here's what's happening this week!



1.  Whole Group Live @9am -  Students will need their white boards and their cut and paste printing books! We will be printing letter U together and then students will be working independently in their books. 

2. Independent work time:   Students will be doing the "Expressing my emotions..." lesson found on the Kindergarten Website: https://home.lethsd.ab.ca/kindergarten/kindergarten-team-website

4. Story Time:  https://home.lethsd.ab.ca/kindergarten/kindergarten-team-website

3. Live Lesson at 1:15pm -   Students will need the "I love you to pieces" sheet with the attached colored paper, a glue stick and a pencil! They will be making a card for a special someone in their family. 




1.  Live lesson at 9am:  We will be reading a story called "The Big Umbrella", continuing our discussions focused on kindness.  Students will need a pencil, crayons and their blue drawing books. 

2.  Independent Work Time:   Please access the lesson  Sink or Float on our website https://home.lethsd.ab.ca/kindergarten/kindergarten-team-website

3.  Story Time:  https://home.lethsd.ab.ca/kindergarten/kindergarten-team-website

4. Live Lesson at 1:15 - We will be reviewing patterns, and creating our kindness necklaces.  Students will need their baggie that has red and white straw pieces in it. 


Friday - Valentines Bingo!  Get those cards ready, and your sealed envelope with your prize!  I can't wait to play with you all. 

Have a great week,

Looking ahead:  Just a reminder that there is no school the week of Feb 15th-19th. Next supply bin pick up will be Friday Feb 26th

Mrs. Chinn

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