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Dec 7th - 11th

 Here's what's happening this week:


1. Teams Live lesson at 9am (as soon as Coalbanks Announcements are finished I will open the meeting, you can access it by going into the Teams Calendar for the day):

  • Students will need their ginger bread story 'setting coloring pages'.  We made the puppets on Thursday and today we will be talking about "Where the story takes place" and coloring them.  Students can use felts or crayons. 

2. Please access the Gingerbread Fun Lesson that is posted on the Kindergarten Microsite for independent work time Kindergarten Microsite 

4.  Live lesson at 1:15pm -

  • We will be continuing with our coloring, and cutting them out to glue them in order on the Red Construction paper strip.  We will be talking about how to use the puppets in a story teller sequence.  Students will have the opportunity to practice telling the story to a family member.  



1. Live lesson at 9am - Students will need their white boards, markers and their cut and paste books.  We will be learning to print letter H.

2. Independent work time - See the Team Microsite blog for the Celebrations Around the World  lesson: Kindergarten Team Microsite

3. Live lesson at 1:15pm - We will be learning letter sounds /d/ and /o/ and decorating our foam Christmas trees.  

Friday - Holiday Bingo!  Have your cards ready Kindergarten!  Winners will get to open their wrapped gifts from me! 

Have a great week and see you soon!

Mrs. Chinn

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