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Scenario 3: Move to at-home learning

Lethbridge School Division continues to provide an option for at-home learning for the 2020/2021 school year. 

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Wiggle Wednesday

Ok we need your help! We love seeing your children having tons of fun so please send videos!


***While completing this assignment keep in mind: We NEED a video of your child doing each of the following:

  • Standing on right foot for 10 seconds
  • Standing on left foot for 10 seconds
  • Running for 30 seconds- in the yard or park might be best
  • Jumping for 30 seconds 
  • Playing catch with a ball or stuffy the size of a soccer ball


Extra fun activity! Create an obstacle course that includes ALL of the following:

  • Going over something 
  • Going under something
  • Counting to 5
  • Jumping on one foot
  • Tossing a ball or item to a target

Add in other activities that you see fit to make the obstacle course your own. Complete it the course at least 2 times. Maybe your adult wants to try! 


Activities you can do when the above has been completed:

  • Go to the park
  • Play red light/ green light
  • What time is it Mr. Wolf?
  • Go on a walk- What do you see, smell, touch, and hear this time of year?
  • Build a snowman or snow angel if there is snow.
  • Balloon Volleyball- If you have a balloon, blow it up and play toss. Try to keep it off the ground.
  • Freeze Dance- Start the music and dance your heart out until an adult stops it and FREEZE!
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