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Turkey Roll & Pattern's

Turkey Roll & Patterns:


  • 2 dice
  • crayons
  • Turkey Roll Page


Last week students created patterns using fruit loops.  Today students will be using the Turkey Roll dice pages to have some fun learning numbers and creating a pattern on the turkey feathers when coloring!  Students may want to decide if their turkey feathers will have two colors or three colors.  Once students have selected which colors to make their feathers they can set the others aside.

1. Roll the dice

2. Count the dots on the dice

3. Say the number out loud

4. Color the feather that matches.  Select the colors carefully as you want your turkey to have a pattern!  

5.  If they roll a number that has already been colored, they simply roll again until all the feathers have been colored! 

6.  Once they finish with one dice, take a break and do the Thanksgiving Roll and Move for a wiggle break! 


We are excited to see a picture of your turkey patterns! Have fun!

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