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The Mitten - Story Retell

Today during 'story time,' your child will listen to the story on our Team site called The Mitten, by Jan Brett.   


 This story is fantastic for teaching sequencing, predicting, and retelling which is what your child will be doing today! 

Step 1: Listen to the story The Mitten by Jan Brett which is found on the kindergarten microsite. After listening, pause the story on different pages and take time to look at the details in the illustrations. Help the your child notice that the side pictures are a story within a story and will help them predict what is going to happen next.

Step 2: Have your child try to retell the story to you. Pause the story at each page to help your child with the retell. Encourage them by repeating what they say, asking questions and adding detail.  You can even take turns using different voices for the animals!   Have fun!


(Feel free to use this version read by Jan Brett herself!  The pictures are large which may help when retelling)

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