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Storytime: Rainbow Fish


Click the link below to listen to the story:


Before Reading:


  • What are some kinds of fish that you know?
  • Can you describe them?
  • What facts do you know about fish?


  • Why is it nice to share?
  • How does it make us feel if a friend doesn’t share with us?
  • Why is it sometimes hard to share?


During Reading: Stop story at appropriate parts to ask questions or pose prompts):

  • What was so special about Rainbow Fish?
  • What did Rainbow Fish do to upset the little blue fish?
  • What does little blue fish do that tells us he’s upset?
  • Why was Rainbow fish the loneliest fish in the ocean? How did he feel?
  • Why didn’t Rainbow fish want to give away his beautiful scales?
  • How did Rainbow Fish feel at the end of the story? Why?
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