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Story time: Creepy Pair of Underwear

*Disclaimer: This lesson contains links to YouTube videos. We cannot control advertisements that may appear when these videos are viewed or opened. Please be sure to supervise children at all times when viewing YouTube links in case disturbing or inappropriate material unexpectedly appears. 


Talk about how brave are you? Has there ever been a time when you have gotten over one of your fears? Ask your adult to share an experience where he/ she has had to overcome a fear. What strategies can you use when you need to overcome a fear? Such as, introducing yourself so something a little bit at a time or taking a friend or family member with you. 

*The Creepy Pair of Underwear video will display at the very bottom of this blog post so please scroll down.

If you do not celebrate Halloween, check out this story about being scared:


Creepy Pair of Underwear:

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