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Story TIme: If I Built a House

Get your thinking and creative caps on for this story today! You are about to listen to a story that is going to require you to have some fun thinking about what your dream house would look like!

Before Reading: Brainstorm your dream house with your parent. What would it look like on the outside? What would it look like on the inside? What would you put in it? What would make it special or different from other houses?

Listen to the story about Jack’s Dream Home!


After Reading:

  • Do you hear rhyming words in the story? Can you identify some with your parent?
  • Now that you have listened to the story what would you change in your house? Would it look the same as before you read the story? 
  • Who would live in the house with you?
  • Get a piece of paper and some crayons. It is time to create your dream home! Draw all of the details and tell your parent about each unique feature you have given your home. 
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