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Story time: Community Helpers

*Disclaimer: This lesson contains links to YouTube videos. We cannot control advertisements that may appear when these videos are viewed or opened. Please be sure to supervise children at all times when viewing YouTube links in case disturbing or inappropriate material unexpectedly appears. 


Did you know that it takes a lot of people to keep our community running smoothly? Everyone plays a role in helping to build a community. Mail people deliver mail, a tailor alters peoples clothes so they fit better, police officers make sure everyone is safe, firefighters also make sure everyone is safe, bakers and chefs prepare food for us to buy and pilots fly the planes that move food and people to different places. There are many more kinds of community helpers. Who do you know that helps our community? 

Would you like to do some community helpers trivia? Watch the video below or skip down to today's story.


Have a listen to today's story about community helpers:


Extension and an extra story:

Talk about some of the things you are good at. How do you help your family? Most importantly, what do you enjoy doing? What do you want to be when you grow up?

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