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Story time: Big and Small

*Disclaimer: This lesson contains links to YouTube videos. We cannot control advertisements that may appear when these videos are viewed or opened. Please be sure to supervise children at all times when viewing YouTube links in case disturbing or inappropriate material unexpectedly appears. 

Listen to this story about a big Bear and his little friend Mouse. Please pause the story and talk about times when your child has needed help or been the helper for someone else. Talk about how your child was similar to the characters in the story.

After the story is finished ask your child what happened in the story and talk about it together. He/ she may need some help with this. Our goal is for children to understand that all stories have a sequence of events. For example, in this story Bear and Mouse head out on an adventure for a picnic and some fun. Mouse gets stuck in a hole but Bear gets him out and they head home to bed after a busy day. 


1. Find objects in your house and sort them into 2 piles: big and small. Is there any other way you can sort your objects?

2. Tell your adult about a big day out you have experienced and were very tired when you finally got home to bed.

3. Ready for an extra story? Check out this story called You are not Small by Anna Kang



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