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Sorting and Measuring Review!

Today students will be sorting various things from around their homes.  If you feel your child needs a refresher on what sorting is, they can do the following activity first with Ms. McNab, a kindergarten teacher from General Stewart. If your child is comfortable with sorting please proceed to step 2. 


While watching this video, students will sort and measure household items.

  • This activity is simple and is made to be completed independently.
  • Students will need to know how to pause and play this video.


No materials required, just click the link to the video below!


Step 2.

After practicing sorting and measuring with Ms. McNab, it is now your child's turn to sort and measure independently!


  • household items 
  • No materials are needed to be prepped
  • phone/camera to take a picture (optional)


Help your child decide what items they would like to sort and/or measure.


  1. LAUNDRY- sort laundry by colour/measure from smallest to largest
  2. TOYS- sorting toy bin by colour/measure toys from smallest to largest/sort toys by texture/sort toys from lightest to heaviest
  3. CEREAL- sorting cereal by shape/sort cereal by size

Use creativity and sort/measure any which way that makes sense to your child. When you are finished please take a photo of your child's work and email it or submit through Teams to your homeroom teacher. 


Have fun!

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