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Shape Up!

Building 3D Objects

Shape up!


Check out 1 of the following stories/ songs:


Story: Captain Invincible and the Space Shapes


Song: 3D Shapes


Song: Shawna's 3D Shapes


Going on an Object Hunt

Get a piece of paper and make 4 squares by folding it in half the long way and then again the short way. 

Look around you house to find some 3D objects. You want your 4 objects to be different 3D shapes. For example, a cone, rectangular prism, sphere and cube. 

Keep your four 3D objects with you. Draw your objects in each of the 4 squares on your paper. Have an adult help you print the name of each shape on your page.


3D Shape Vocabulary:


Analyzing your 3D shapes

Take each of the four 3D shapes you collected above and count the number of 

- faces

- edges

- corners

If you want, you can record them on your paper in each square.


3D Object Comparison

Look at the four 3D shapes you collected and drew on your paper. Talk with your child about how they are they

- similar

- different

*try using some of the vocabular used in the video above such as faces, edges and corners.


Building 3 D Shapes

Now the best part! You will need go get some toothpicks (or little sticks from outside) and either mini marshmallows or small balls of play dough. 

Let's start with a cube:

You will need 12 toothpicks and 8 marshmallows. 

Step 1: Build a square with 4 toothpicks and 4 marshmallows (talk about how this is a 2D shape)

Step 2:  Build another square with 4 toothpicks and 4 marshmallows

Step 3: Use the remaining 4 toothpicks to join the 2 squares together to make a 3D object. 


What other objects can you build? Look at the picture above for inspiration.

Maybe your child wants to create his/ her own shape- go for it and have fun! 

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