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Sept 11th & 18th Friday Lesson

Welcome to Friday!

(Please know due to alternating Fridays this is for Sept 11th and Sept 18th's classes) 


Today students will be watching the short video "Franklin Goes to School" and participating in a Cosmic Kids Yoga Gross Motor activity. 

1.  Before watching, have a discussion with your child about what they think the video "Frankin Goes to School" could be about.  How do you think Franklin will feel about going to school?  Watch the video and pause throughout to talk about how Franklin is feeling and how he changes throughout the video.  Ask your child if they've ever felt these feelings before. 


2. Time for some Cosmic Kid Yoga!  Set up an open space and get ready to follow along, and stretch with a camping story about  Tallulah the Owl! Have fun!    

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