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Rhyming Review

There are three stages to learning rhyming:

First, being able to hear rhyming words- this is where students get use to hearing rhyming words in their environment.

Second, recognizing when they hear rhyming words- this is where a student can pick out rhyming words in a story or song.

Third, being able to produce rhyming words themselves.

Children must be about the recognize rhyming words independently before we can expect them to produce their own rhyming words.


Complete the following activities:

Boom Cards Rhyming

Click the link below. The log in information is also included. Scroll down and click the 'rhyming' deck. 


Username: lethkinder

Password: 12345


Rhyming Memory

Grown-ups: cut out 10 pieces of small paper squares. You are making 5 rhyming sets. On one card draw a picture of an object and on the next card draw something that rhymes with the first card (for example, a bat and a cat). Then get the next 2 cards and draw an object on each card making sure the words will rhyme (for example, a pan and a fan). Repeat this until you have 5 sets of rhyming cards.

Read to play: lay the cards face down on a table. Each playing takes turns flipping 2 cards and saying the object’s name. If they match, the player keeps the cards. If they do not match, the cards are flipped back over. The player with the most matches wins.


Digital Rhyming Game

Partners in Rhyme | Phonics Games | Turtle Diary 


Outdoor Rhyming Walk

Head outside for a walk. On your walk look around for different items - try to think of a rhyming word for the things you find. 

Ex. You found a rock ---- sock,           grass -- pass,              tree -- see ETC. 



Listen to this fun rhyming song by Jack Hartman

It’s time to rhyme!

Rhyming words have the same ending.

Are you ready to try rhyming with us? Use your voice to participate in this repeat after me rhyming rap.

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