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Natural vs. Man-made

Art with natural and man-made materials

Time to learn about Natural things and Manufactured (Man-made)


Start by watching this video to learn about Natural and Man-made things!



You are going to go on a walk or scavenger hunt! I want you to find 5 man-made things and 5 natural things. 

Sort them into categories using the natural and man-made sorting rules.

Challenge: Can you think of a different sorting rule for your items?


Art project- You can choose to draw OR collect natural and man-made items that you can use to make a craft (example- leaves, pipe cleaner, grass, rocks...)

Use the items you found to get creative to make a piece of art. This is your chance to be creative and explore they crafting you would like to do. Submit a photo or video and be sure you can explain what type of materials you are using. 


If you have time:

  • If you have time you can paint the snow- you will need food coloring mixed with water in spray bottles or in a cup and with a straw to use as droppers. See if you can make fun art! How about a pattern with colors?


A bonus video!

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