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Awasis and the World Famous Bannock

Today we will be reading a story and learning some Cree Words. The Cree are one of the largest First Nations groups in Canada. They pass their traditions and culture down through stories like the one below.

Watch the video:

Awasis and the World Famous Bannock

Watch the video with the Cree words from the story. 

For your activities today choose any of the ideas below:

  • Go on a walk outside and see if you notice any wildlife. The animals in the story talked and helped Awasis. Do you see any animals that could help you?
  • Practice saying some of the words from the video. Notice how the words have different symbols in them? This is their own language and it is different then English.
  • Make Bannock. Use this recipe. Practice measuring and stirring. 
  • Create the animals from the story using lego, playdough, or any other materials around your home (rabbit, bear, frog, owl, duck). Retell the story using your characters.
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