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Library Time!

Let’s get a Lethbridge Public Library Card so that we can visit the Library virtually! The cards work online and you can also visit the Library Branches.


  1. http://www.lethlib.ca/ecard-signup
  2. Fill in yours or your childs information- this year library cards are free for Children AND Adults
  3. Click “Accept”
  4. Write down your 14 digit ecard number
  5. Click “Finish your online catalog registration”
  6. In the top search bar type “Tumblebooks”
  7. Click on the yellow Tumblebooks icon
  8. To the right you will see “Visit Tumblebooks”- Click on that
  9. Enter your Ecard number and pin number
  10. Click on the Blue Story Books Tab!


It is time to explore some children’s book!

If you get stuck you can email Jenny at the Lethbridge Public Library at: Jenny.cofell@lethlib.ca or call 403-380-7320



  • Pick 3-4 stories that look interesting to you to listen to!
  • Talk about each story with your parent
    • What was your favorite part?
    • What was your least favorite part?
    • What did you learn?
    • Who was the main Character in the story? Who was the story about?
  • From the books you read, create a fun project about your favorite one. Some ideas are:
    • Draw a picture and have a parent record you telling us about it
    • Do a video talking about what you learned in the book
    • Create a craft that is inspired by the book you loved


Feel free to go and explore more books. This is a great way to have virtual Library time. 

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