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Lesson #1 - Handwashing

Hand Washing and Germs 


In this lesson the students will listen to a story about handwashing and germs, watch a science demonstration, enjoy a video and a couple songs about handwashing rules. After all the experiences and learning the students will know the importance of using soap and water when washing hands and be able to share at least 4 rules for good handwashing. 


Note for Parents: In light of our current situation we think it is super important to have a good handwashing reminder for all of us. I will leave it up to each family with how much detail you would like to discuss with your child about the actual COVID-19 virus. In an attempt to avoid anxiety and panic, highly suggest just talking about germs and how we always need to protect ourselves from germs that can make us sick. 




Read Wash Your Hands by Leona Locke  

(*You have to push the speaker button at the bottom to have the story read to you and the arrows to the right will guide you through the pages.) 


Science Demonstration: 


Germs, germs, germs - We may not be able to see germs but they are everywhere! 


The Wiggles Handwashing Song - The rule in this song is 15 seconds but please have the conversation about right now we need to wash our hands much longer than that to make sure we can get rid of all the germs. Let's aim for 20 sec handwashing sessions. 


Jack Hartmann Wash Your Hands Rap 


The Wash Your Hands Song 


Feel free to enjoy one or all of the above videos or songs more than once! 








Writing: Follow the instructions below: 


  1. Get a blank piece of paper or writing journal if you have one 
  1. Split your page into 4 sections by drawing lines or folding the paper hamburger style in ½ and then open up your page and fold it hot dog style in ½ again to give you 4 squares. If you need/want and extra challenge split the paper into 6 sections. 




















  1. Make a poster by drawing pictures about good hand washing rulesTry to label your pictures by writing at least beginning sounds and then try to extend to the next sounds that you hear. Some ideas may include: before eating, after playing outside, after playing with pets, after you use the toilet, use soap and water, wash on top and bottom, wash nails, etc. 


*Note to parents: 

Remember it is perfectly okay for Kindergarten children to use invented spelling and for parents to scribe what they say especially this early.  Help them identify letters they see you write. The idea is for your child to ENJOY using what they know about letters. It is not expected that they print or know their letters this early in Kindergarten. Show them that you are excited that they made a mark on the page.  Their marks are meaningful to them even if we can’t fully identify what they draw.  Celebrate their progress of working hard so that they want to keep trying. Too much correction at this stage is extremely discouraging. Let them make it their own!  




I’m sure everyone will be washing their hands numerous times today. With adult help, count forwards from 1 to 20 and then next time count backwards from 20 to 1. Make it fun and get creative with what you can do in 20 seconds or what you can do 20 times: 

  • Count how long it takes to cover both hands completely in suds from the soap? 
  • How many cheerios can you eat in 20 seconds? 
  • Can you run around the living room 20 times? 
  • Can you run up the stairs 20 times? 
  • Can you do 20 jumping jacks? Pushups? Sit-ups 




Watch the Mystery Doug video (5:27): How Does Hand Sanitizer Kill Germs? 



Unite for Literacy is a website that has wonderful non-fiction age appropriate books for kindergarten students. Feel free to explore other non-fiction books on this website! https://www.uniteforliteracy.com/ 


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