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Leprechaun Trap

A leprechaun has been sighted around Lethbridge and we would like to try to capture him.  Leprechauns are tricky creatures, so our traps will need to be clever and creative!  In order to have the best possible chance to catch him, Id like everyone to make their own Leprechaun Trap.

The trap can be made from simple household materials like boxes, plastic jars, bottles, or paper bags.  Construction paper, glitter, and crayons or markers can also be used to help disguise the trap.  Leprechauns are especially attracted to the color green and anything shiny as well.

Remember, leprechauns are stubborn and disobedient, so they will do the exact opposite of what they are told to do.  If you want a leprechaun to pull on a string or stand in a certain spot you must make a sign telling him to do the exact opposite!

Don't forget to take a picture or video after to send to your teacher.



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