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Today we are going to learn what some animals do to survive the winter. 

Watch the video:

Sing along to the Hibernation Song

Choose one or more of the following activities:

Can you build a den to hibernate in? Use things around your house to build yourself a hibernation den.

If you had to hibernate all winter long what things would you want in your den with you? Create a collection of items you just can't live without.

If you had to eat lots of food to get ready for hibernation what would you eat? With an adult make a list of items that would fill you up before hibernating.

Go outside for a walk and see if you can find a good place for an animal to hibernate. What would that place look like?

Pick your favorite hibernating animal and draw a picture of that animal hibernating. (Bear, Bat, Hedgehog, Turtle, Groundhog)

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