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Fruit Loop Exploration

Fruit Loop Exploration 

Please note this activity is extensive and is designed to be extended over two days. Feel free to complete the activities multiple times. 

We will be using fruit loops for multiple activities today! Please remind your child that because our hands may be dirty and the fruit loops are touching multiple surfaces, that we should not eat them – we don’t eat our school materials!! If you choose, you may have a little bowl set aside for your child to munch on during or after the activities.  


Fruit Loop Sorting 

  • With a piece of paper, draw 6 circles using the 6 different colours of fruit loops (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) – SEE IMAGE HERE --> Fruit loop sorting mat
  • Grab a small handful of fruit loops 
  • Sort the handful of fruit loops by colour on to the page in the proper circles 
  • Count the amount of fruit loops in each circle. Which colour has the most? Which colour has the least? How many in total? 


Fruit Loop Patterns 

Watch the patterns video below:

  • Click the link below to see the image to help guide you with this task. 
  • Create an AB pattern with your child using fruit loops.  
    • An AB pattern is a pattern with two colours/items/shapes etc. that repeat.
      • For example:
        • red, blue, red, blue, red...
        • A, B, A, B, A...
  • What is the letter name? (AB...)
  • What is the number name? (1, 2, 1, 2..)
  • What is the colour name? (Ex. green, purple, green, purple..)
  • Optional:
    • Can your child make another type of pattern with fruit loops? 
      • ABC? AABB?
    • Make a fruit loop necklace (if you do not have string, make a rainbow caterpillar on paper) 
    • Loop the fruit loops through the string. Can you make your necklace with a pattern?
    • Can your child make a pattern using different objects in your house? (cutlery, stuffed animals, socks, etc.)


Fruit Loop Counting 

  • Materials: fruit loops, muffin tin 
    •  Click this link to see an example
      • With a muffin tin, place numbers into each tin (1-6) - if you have a tin of 12, feel free to do 12!
      • Have your child put the proper amount of fruit loops into each tin.  
        • In the tin with the number 1, place one fruit loop. Tin #2 place 2 fruit loops and so on..
      • Can they double the number? (Ex. In tin #2 place 4 fruit loops)
      • Can they make each number have only one colour of fruit loops?


Fruit Loop Name 

  • Materials: Fruit loops, (you can use paper if you choose) 
    • Click this link to see an example
      • With whichever colours your child chooses, have them spell their name with the fruit loops.
      • Challenge: Spell each letter with a different colour or pattern the fruit loops.  


Optional: Rainbow Game

  • Materials: fruit loops, paper/printed page, dice 
  • Instructions:
    • Print this map (or draw one if you would prefer).   
    • Shake and roll the dice 
    • Whichever number you roll, place that amount of red fruit loops on the red strip 
    • Roll the dice for the orange strip. Place the correct number of orange fruit loops on the orange strip.  
    • Continue until you have rolled and placed fruit loops on each paper strip. Which colour has the most fruit loops? Which Colour has the least amount of fruit loops?
    • Continue going through, rolling, and adding fruit loops to each colour. Which colour fills up first? 
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