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Field trip Friday (part 2): Visit a horse farm

Put on your wellies and let's head to the farm!

Wellies are another word for rubber boots. You will not want to get your runners dirty at the horse farm. Watch the video together and talk about what you learned. 

For example, I learned that a horse is measured in something called hams and that a girl horse is called a mare. I also learned that horses need to be fed three times a day just like people!

Extension activity:

Grab your journal or a blank piece of paper and draw yourself at a horse farm. Include as many details as you can in your picture. You can add letters and words to your drawing too. You could label the parts of the horse, write a sentence about what is happening in your picture or give your picture a title. Remember to say the word you are printing slowly and stretch out the sounds you hear.

*Please note that invented spelling is encouraged at this age and students are not expected to be writing yet. Your child might print 'horse' any of the following ways: h, hs, hrs or hors. Celebrate any marks or letters on the paper and make printing fun!


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