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Field trip Friday: Going to the Fire Hall

*Disclaimer: This lesson contains links to YouTube videos. We cannot control advertisements that may appear when these videos are opened. Please be sure to supervise children at all times when viewing YouTube links in case disturbing or inappropriate  material  unexpectedly  appears.  

Let's go to the fire hall!

Wow! That fire pole looks like so much fun. Here's an idea, grab a sweater and head to the park to play fire station. You could even bring a bell and have your grown up see how fast you get to the designated fire truck spot. You will have to slide down the pole, run across the playground, and jump onto your fire truck. Can you jump with 2 feet at the same time?


Staying safe with your family

It is important to have an escape plan incase there is an emergency. Watch this video and then draw an escape plan with your grown up. It is important to share this plan with everyone in your family and practice it with all children. A muster point where your family meets incase of an emergency is very important. You may want to consider meeting at a familiar place where children do not have to cross a street.


What do you do if your clothes catch on fire?


Closing Thinking Routine

Discuss what your child learned today. Maybe he/ she learned to stop, drop and roll, that the fire pole is kept behind a door so that people don't accidently fall down, or that every house should have an escape plan. 

Model yourself using the I use to think _____, but now I think _____ thinking routine.

For example, I use to think that people waited on the street for the fire truck but now I think that a meeting place is important so that everyone can find each other. 

Use the ideas your child talked about during this lesson to help your child fill in this sentence: 

I use to think __________, but now I think_________.

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