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Scenario 3: Move to at-home learning

Lethbridge School Division continues to provide an option for at-home learning for the 2020/2021 school year. 

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Community Helpers

Today we are going to be learning about helpers in our community! You will watch a video, work on fine motor skills and sorting, as well as listen to a story!


*Disclaimer: This lesson contains links to YouTube videos. We cannot control advertisements that may appear when these videos are viewed or opened. Please be sure to supervise children at all times when viewing YouTube links in case disturbing or inappropriate material unexpectedly appears. 






Fine Motor

Print (or pick up from your teacher) the document below - Community Helpers (tracing)

Community Helpers (tracing)

  1. With a pencil, encourage your child to trace along the dotted lines. 
    • Remind them that there is no need to rush.
    • Ask you child about the page: 
      • Why would the firetruck be going to the fire?
      • Why is the hat and the police car together?
      • etc... 

Take a photo of your child's work and send it to your teacher!





Print (or pick up from your teacher) the document below - Community Helpers (sorting)

Community Helpers (sorting)

  1. Cut out each of the small squares (page 2 - with the pictures and descriptions)
  2. Sort each of the pictures/descriptions and glue them under the proper column. 
    • Example: 
      • The first column is doctor. So you will need to find the picture of the doctor. Glue it in the first blank box under the word 'doctor'.
      • Find the two descriptors for a doctor - (I help people stay healthy, I work in an office or a hospital). Glue the descriptors in the boxes below the doctor.

Take a photo of your child's work and send it to your teacher!



Storytime - Who's Hands are These?

  • Why is it important that everyone's hands do so many different things? 
  • What if all of our hands did the same thing? Would that be good/bad?
  • Is it okay to try doing new things with our hands, even if we aren't very good at it?
  • What can your hands do right now?
  • Why are your hands special?
  • What do you want your hands to do when you grow up?



Below I have attached multiple coloring pages for different helpers in the community. Read through each of them with your child and have them pick which one they want to be when they grow up. Print off the page that they want to be, trace the name of what they chose and have them color it. When they are finished, take a video of them telling why they want to be that community helper while holding their picture. Send it to your teacher!

If you do not have a printer (or your child wants to be something different then when is there), do not worry! Have your child draw a picture of what they would like to be! 



Construction Worker




Fire Fighter

Garbage Collector

Hair Dresser

Mail Carrier



Park Ranger


Police Officer





With an adult, go for a walk in your community.

  • Can you see any community helpers out working?
  • What are they doing? 
  • How are they helping your community?
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